Special Issue // Brandeuva // Written By Mary George

A new age of technology has birth a powerful substance to disseminate information to a large heterogeneous people, with the likes of social media GTB has propelled their brand values and identity, creating advanced advertising materials with their vibrant orange logo in a dynamic manner.

They have successfully won the hearts of so many by all of their brand activities like Gt Crea8, Gtb Food and Drink fair, World-Class Building Structures, Humanitarian/ entrepreneurial projects.

to making banking easy, which brings us to the 737 for transfers, payment of bills and so much more.

The 737 implementation cuts down the hassles of leaving important meetings just to get to the bank and wait for long hours, for Nigerians time is of the essence, what eventually stands Gt out is seeing a need and meeting it to continually build trust in customers. The Values of 737 propels a simple way of banking via the following:

1.  Open an account

2. Transfer money anywhere in Nigeria

3.  Load airtime/ or data on your phone

4. One-time password

5. Bill payment

6. Balance check/enquiries

7. Internet banking login details

So isn’t this amazing all this is what you can do on the go, Gt promises to make life easy in everything.

However they have been exceptional in reaching and winning the hearts of young ones with GTcrea8, e-savings account is an interest bearing account designed to allow undergraduates of 16 to 25 years create and maintain a value adding and rewarding banking relationship.
It is also tailored to your fast paced, no time to waste lifestyle, this account pays you a yearly interest of 2.5 percent on your savings and allows you access the funds whenever and wherever through globally accepted master card and other electronic means, which very supportive and encouraging for students.

In addition, to the flexibility and how convenient banking is for these student’s they are other benefits for them just to mention just a few asides the yearly interest the e-savers account gives you access to fun activities on campus, like the incredible campus storm events, hottest Nigerian music acts. We call it the fun facts of Gtcre8.

Still swinging forward in creativity we appraise the architectural design style of Gt building structures; it’s out of this world and states class, its apparent Gtb has the most outstanding

and colorful buildings and they keep making statements with their vast and immeasurable standard in branding with the vibrant ORANGE color in every city and every campus within the Lagos State district and overboard.

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Charles Otudor
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