Special Issue // Brandeuva // Written By Mary George

Banwo Omobolanle Arinke, is a brand identity designer from Lagos Nigeria and founder of The Female Designer Movement. She started off discovering herself in school while drawing comics and making illustration, for her this wasn’t where the passion was, BRANDING was where she pulled happiness from, and this has led her to encourage many other young women like herself into designing, through her FEMALE DESIGNER MOVEMENT where she tutors young women branding and developing creative visuals.

She inspires this way of empowering females to become designers by impacting their lives with this boundless gift, and feedbacks from these female designers have been extremely positive.

Her very first Logo was for Jigawa State broadcasting organization, where she was serving NYSC, though not very confident of her work but she submitted series of designs amongst others and hers was selected this was one of her very first and to her surprise she was paid for it, as excited as she was she decided to take designing very seriously.

Her Female Designer Movement have become a huge success and has a whole lot more to offer young female entrepreneurs in the future.

Currently Omobolanle Banwo is the lead instructor to a Comprehensive Graphic Design Training program themed Learn to think and Design like a Pro by GSD.

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"I developed a passion for building brands and making
things look beautiful. I love branding"
Banwo Omobolanle
CEO, The Female Designer Movement
"Brand Consistency is a Critical Success factor"
Charles Otudor
Global Brand Inventor

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